Bruco Components B.V.
Oostermaat 2
7623 CS Borne, the Netherlands

+31 (0)74 2406 600

Securing your future

Bruco Components delivers services in storage, testing and logistics of wafers and ICs. We take care of the whole supply chain, from forecast and packaging, to testing, packing and shipment to the customer.

Securing your Future

Contact us directly. Click here or call us at +31 (0)74 2406 600


With headquarters in Borne, the east of the Netherlands, we work in a technological innovative region close to the University of Twente.

With more than 25 years of expertise in Electronic Design we are a reliable and versatile partner with global expertise. We are part of Dieco Electronics. 

bruco components b.v.

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Bruco Integrated Circuits, Bruco Components en Dizain-Sync opereren sinds kort onder
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