Bruco Components

We can take care of your entire supply chain, from forecast and packaging to testing, packing and shipment to the customer.

Making the impossible possible

Making the impossible possible

30 years of expertise

Our wide range of services quarantee you the access to the right knowledge and resources from production, storaging, forecasting and shipment to testing.

Smaller IC batch production

We facilitate also in smaller productions, making your direct production possible in every batch size.

Access to most of the foundries

We widen your resources to fit the needs of your new ideas. Your projects are delivered in time, for the right price and the right quality.

High quality designs

We have knowledge of delivering the right quality for the right price. Let’s make the impossible possible!

Bruco components

Bruco Components delivers services in storage, testing and logistics of wafers and ICs. We take care of the entire supply chain, from forecast and packaging, to testing, packing and shipment to the customer.

Our clients

Our customers include large multinationals like ASML BMW and NXP. These multinationals are always looking for size, weight and power solutions. They know they can always rely on our expertise and outstanding engineering skills.